Indonesian Mining Association

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Welcome to Indonesian Mining Assosiation


Indonesian Mining Association was founded in May 29, 1975, a non-governmental, non-political, non-profit organization established in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Indonesia. The headquarter and registered office of the association located in Jakarta.

The association serves as a linking among Government and the mining industry, organizing lectures, seminars and training activities for the members, organizing periodic conference on mining in Indonesia, publishes proceedings and mining information, and representing the indonesian mining industry at national and international meetings. IMA is a founding member for the Asean Federation of Mining Association (AFMA) and currently provides the secretariat for the Federation.

IMA Purpose

The aims and objectives of the association are to support the government in its policies to encourage the development of the mining industry and to utilize non-confidential and non proprietary information to promote the exploration, mining, mineral beneficial and the metallurgical aspects in Indonesia through:

  1. Studying problems relating to such aspects of the mining industry at the national level and possible solutions of these problems.
  2. Studying modern methods in the mining industry, which have been adopted in other countries for application in Indonesia.
  3. Fostering a mutual respect between the members of the association, both private and government (it being understood that no decision or action of the association shall affect any contracts to which any of the members are parties.
  4. Advancing new ideas relative to such aspects of the mining industry.
  5. Fostering a spirit of scientific research among the members of the association.
  6. Establishing contact and cooperation with similar professional organizations outside Indonesia.
  7. Disseminating objective information and analysis concerning such aspect of the mining industry.
  8. Maintenance of a high standard of professional conduct on the part of the Association members.
  9. Promotion of the development of the infrastructure necessary to support the mining industry in Indonesia.
  10. Familiarization of the general public and educational institutions witn current developments and problems of the mining.
  11. Giving assistance to and encouraging potential university graduates in preparing for a creer in the mining industry.